After some hearty discussion at our face-to-face meeting in Newcastle, UK, along with continuing that discussion on our Google Group, we’ve decided to split apart our monolithic repository into reasonable slices.

Part of the motivation for this split is related to how we version things. Since WildFly Swarm is a fairly quickly-moving project, at least in the near term, there would always be some components in alpha or beta phase, preventing the entirety from being released as final. Especially given that WildFly Swarm is an integration project, the upstream components we integrate with all have varying release schedules, and timing a collective release can be difficult.

To that end, each of the repositories below is roughly linked with its upstream components and can produce independently-versioned bits of WildFly Swarm. Now, a release of WildFly Swarm will actually be composed of a matrix of releases of the various sub-components, not necessarily matching in version numbering.

Since a multitude of versions can certainly make life more difficult for consumers, we’ve added a BOM strategy (see Practical Changes below).

The New Bits


The collective aggregating BOM project which represents the publicly-versioned collective of all other independently-versioned bits that make up a release of WildFly Swarm


This repository contains the root pom.xml used as a parent POM for all other things.


This repository contains 80% of the bits that used to live in the monolithic repository. It consists of bootstrap, container and most anything that we get from upstream WildFly, including jax-rs (and its variants), undertow, infinispan and jsf.


This repository contains the bits to support Ribbon, Hystrix, etc, from NetflixOSS.


This repository contains the Logstash components for using the ELK stack with your applications.


This repository contains the Jolokia fraction to easily add Jolokia to your applications.


This repository contains the application adapter to expose swagger.json along with the swagger-webapp for serving the fancy UI.


This repository contains the SPI for our topology infrastructure. Typically not used directly (unless you’re attempting to add another topology implementation.)


This repository contains the Javascript/web-app portion for exposing the topology to the browser. This may become merged with the repository above in short order.


This repository contains the topology implementation based upon WildFly’s JGroups subsystem.


This repository contains the topology implementation based upon Hashicorp’s Consul registry.


This repository contains projects for constructing ready-to-use -swarm.jar versions of servers for keycloak and swagger-ui.

Practical Changes

As mentioned in the introduction above, we now provide a BOM which can completely eliminate headaches involved in multiple components having multiple versions.

To use our BOM, simply add the following to your own POM:


Once you have done this, you can avoid having to specify any other <version> tags for any WildFly Swarm-related components.


Our wildfly-swarm-examples repository makes use of the BOM now.