Announcing WildFly Swarm 2018.4.1

WildFly Swarm 2018.4.1

Beware the Ides of April, and a failed release attempt! But we got there!

What’s New?

  • JAX-RS Application is no longer generated by default (breaking change)

  • MicroProfile "JPA" Hollow JAR

  • Many MicroProfile related improvements

  • Enhanced Swagger integration

  • Improved KeyCloak integration

  • Lots of other fixes!

JAX-RS Application is no longer generated by default

Starting from 2018.4.1, JAX-RS Application classes will only be generated by WildFly Swarm if no custom Application exists and swarm.deployment.<war-name>.jaxrs.application-path key is set in project-defaults.yml.

While this is a breaking change, it is also the correct and JAX-RS specification compliant fix which will help with avoiding the difficult to trace side-effects reported in a number of cases.

Microprofile "JPA" Hollow JAR

We’ve now added a "JPA" Hollow JAR to expand the number of Hollow JARs we have available. It will be available for download from the site along with the existing ones:

Enhanced Swagger integration

Thanks to Harsha for the help with improving the integration with Swagger.

Improved Keycloak integration

JAX-RS endpoints can now see the content of the tokens validated by Keycloak and use it as required. Check the updated security/keycloak example.


Release notes for 2018.4.1 are available here.

Feature Request

  • [SWARM-1790] MicroProfile + JPA Hollow Jar (Done)


  • [SWARM-1878] Update Jaeger and OpenTracing versions (Done)

  • [SWARM-1895] Make the swagger fraction reuse library versions and modules from WF parent. (Done)

  • [SWARM-1909] Swagger: Default the context root to JAX-RS context root (Done)

  • [SWARM-1925] Swagger: Improve determination of the packages that need to be scanned (Done)


  • [SWARM-1696] Investigate deprecation of Monitor in favor of MP-Health (Done)

  • [SWARM-1769] add a smoke test for the keycloak-server fraction (Done)

  • [SWARM-1908] Upgrade Teiid Version 10.2.0 (Done)

  • [SWARM-1914] Make sure Application is provided for all the examples which depended on its auto-generation (Done)

  • [SWARM-1915] Document the scope and contents of new hollow jars (Done)

  • [SWARM-1924] Create keycloak fraction test (Done)

  • [SWARM-1938] Update keycloak example to show how KC security context can be used (Done)


  • [SWARM-1326] Swarm brings weird Arquillian versions transitively (Done)

  • [SWARM-1471] automatically generate JAX-RS Application class only when swarm.deployment.*.jaxrs.application-path YAML setting is present (Done)

  • [SWARM-1667] Swarm swagger module does not generate swagger.json (Done)

  • [SWARM-1754] Warn with stacktrace at first call for Microprofile JWT (Done)

  • [SWARM-1755] Microprofile JWT - Method not protected (Done)

  • [SWARM-1792] Infinispan fraction makes the WildFly Swarm server start with errors (Done)

  • [SWARM-1845] Dependencies are missing for Infinispan caches "jpa" and "undertow" (Duplicate Issue)

  • [SWARM-1862] Default JavaScript engine not available in the deployment (Done)

  • [SWARM-1886] Jandex fails to parse "asm-tree-6.0.jar" (Done)

  • [SWARM-1891] NoClassDefFoundError with microprofile-openapi fraction (Done)

  • [SWARM-1893] Jaeger / OpenTracing remote reporting not working (Done)

  • [SWARM-1896] Minor mismatch between README and configuration in the management example (Done)

  • [SWARM-1898] MP metrics: "displayName" and "description" parameters of the @Counted annotation are ignored (Done)

  • [SWARM-1899] MP metrics: the "unit" parameter of the @Timed annotation is ignored, Prometheus and JSON output disagree (Done)

  • [SWARM-1900] MP metrics: useless metric "test" in the "vendor" scope (Done)

  • [SWARM-1901] MP metrics: the "mscLoadedModules" metric in the "vendor" scope has a wrong name (Done)

  • [SWARM-1904] Gradle plugin does not package archiveTask (Done)

  • [SWARM-1905] the MicroProfile TCKs setup requires bom-all (Done)

  • [SWARM-1921] Keycloak fraction does not make KeyCloakSecurtyContext available (Done)

  • [SWARM-1927] swarm.resource-adapter.resource-adapters is wrong in documentation (Done)

  • [SWARM-1929] MP fault tolerance: circuit breaker never opens if there’s a @Fallback (Done)

  • [SWARM-1932] MP fault tolerance: circuit breaker doesn’t open if there was at least one success (Done)


Per usual, we tend to hang out on in #wildfly-swarm.

All bug and feature-tracking is kept in JIRA.

Documentation for this release is available:

Thank you, Contributors!

We appreciate all of our contributors since the last release:


  • John Alstrom

  • Sergey Beryozkin

  • Heiko Braun

  • Andreas Enbohm

  • Ken Finnigan

  • Martin Kouba

  • John O’Hara

  • Tomas Radej

  • Harsha Ramesh

  • Ramesh Reddy

  • MichaƂ Szynkiewicz

  • Ladislav Thon