Announcing WildFly Swarm 2017.10.0

WildFly Swarm 2017.10.0

October, better known as Pickled Peppers Month, sees the release of WildFly Swarm v2017.10.0.

What’s New?

  • Not a whole lot.

  • "air gap" Maven repositories

Air Gap maven repositories

If you’re one of those special users who have to have some large security aparatus verify anything that comes into your network and have them pull it across an air gap, you might enjoy this.

Each BOM now has a matching repository which, in theory, contains everything you need to build your WildFly Swarm application.


Release notes for 2017.10.0 are available here.


  • [SWARM-1567] Update community boosters to use S2I workflow (Done)

  • [SWARM-1548] Execute s2i conversion script against Boosters (Done)

  • [SWARM-1547] Release new version for community Boosters (Done)

  • [SWARM-1485] Update Booster catalog with released versions of Boosters (Done)


  • [SWARM-1556] Certified fractions not present in bom (Done)

Feature Request

  • [SWARM-1550] Add support Micropofile Fault Tolerance Implementation to run TCK (Done)

Component Upgrade

  • [SWARM-1538] Upgrade all boosters to 2017.9.5 (Done)


  • [SWARM-1451] Implementing core MP fault tolerance with hystrix (Done)


Per usual, we tend to hang out on in #wildfly-swarm.

All bug and feature-tracking is kept in JIRA.

Documentation for this release is available:

Thank you, Contributors!

We appreciate all of our contributors since the last release:


  • Ken Finnigan

  • Juan G

  • Martin Kouba

  • Scott M Stark

  • Bob McWhirter

  • Juraci Paixão Kröhling

  • Ladislav Thon


  • Heiko Braun

  • Bob McWhirter


  • Heiko Braun

  • Ken Finnigan

  • Scott Marlow

  • Bob McWhirter

  • Scott Stark


  • Heiko Braun

  • Bob McWhirter