Announcing Thorntail 2.2.0.Final

Thorntail 2.2.0.Final

Coming through! Make way for Thorntail 2.2.0.Final!

What’s New?

This release contains a bunch of bugfixes focused mainly around MicroProfile. Metrics, JWT, OpenAPI and OpenTracing have all gotten their share of love. MicroProfile RestClient is now in supported profile and we have looked into the Swarm main() in IDE. We also updated the log message codes to reflect the recent project name change.

New log message codes

WARNING: Breaking changes!

As a follow-up to the rename from WildFly Swarm to Thorntail, we have now updated all log message codes. Previously, log message codes had a form of WFSWARMnnnnn or WFSxxxnnnnn. This has been changed to THORNnnnnn or TTxxxnnnnn. If you parse Thorntail logs, you need to update your parsing code. The numeric codes stay intact, the only thing that changes is the prefix. See the pull request for more details.


Release notes for 2.2.0.Final are available here.


  • [THORN-1564] Wildfly-Swarm + Logstash formatter-properties costum metadata (Done)

  • [THORN-1999] The /openapi endpoint needs both query param and Accept header to return JSON (Done)

  • [THORN-2136] Unable to run Swarm main() in IDE (Done)

  • [THORN-2137] After upgrading to 2.1.0.Final metrics stoped working (Done)

  • [THORN-2142] MP JWT: resource methods without security annotations are always allowed (Done)

  • [THORN-2143] MP JWT: using * in @RolesAllowed doesn’t work (Done)

  • [THORN-2144] MP JWT: configuring token expiration grace period via project-defaults.yml doesn’t work (Done)

  • [THORN-2148] Properties file with a properties hierarchy not read consistently correctly if a node has both a value and children (Done)

  • [THORN-2154] NPE in MetricsHttpHandler.handleRequest (Done)

  • [THORN-2155] Add PackageFractionDetector to microprofile-opentracing (Done)


  • [THORN-1969] investigate switching to RxJava 1.3.0 (Done)

  • [THORN-2133] Add "resource-adapters" fraction to product (Done)

  • [THORN-2139] Update messages prefix for logging (Done)

  • [THORN-2140] Move Microprofile RestClient into the supported profile (Done)

  • [THORN-2141] Make netflix archaius and hystrix fractions deprecated (Done)

  • [THORN-2147] Update jaeger.gson version in build-parent pom to 2.8.2 (Done)

  • [THORN-2151] Update smallrye-config, smallrye-health and smallrye-opentracing versions (Done)

Component Upgrade


  • [THORN-2153] the opentracing-tracerresolver fraction should be internal and stable (Done)

Breaking changes


Per usual, we tend to hang out on in #thorntail.

All bug and feature-tracking is kept in JIRA.

Documentation for this release is available:

Thank you, Contributors!

We appreciate all of our contributors since the last release:


  • Sergey Beryozkin

  • Ken Finnigan

  • Michael Kotten

  • MichaƂ Szynkiewicz

  • Ladislav Thon


  • Ken Finnigan

  • Pavol Loffay

  • Matej Novotny