Announcement 1.0.0.Alpha8

What’s New?

There’s slightly less stuf in this release since 1.0.0.Alpha6, but then again, it marks our new trend of fortnightly releases.

  • Based upon WildFly 10.0.0.Final

  • Declarative Configuration (standalone.xml)

  • Swagger UI

  • Generalize service-discovery topology SPI

  • Service-discovery via Consul

  • Container.createDefaultDeployment() is now public, and can be used from your custom main() as a basis for a custom deployment.

  • Update Keycloak to 1.8.0.Final

What happened to 1.0.0.Alpha7?

Bob and Maven had a spat. Mistakes were made. We don’t like the number 7 anyhow.

Important Changes

In addition to the new features and bug-fixes, there are some notable changes that you will need to undertake for your application since 1.0.0.Alpha6.


We’ve split topology bits away from the Ribbon support. That includes replacing ribbon-webapp with topology-webapp and changing the Javascript to topology.js.

Migration Gotcha!

If you’re migrating an existing WildFly Swarm application to 1.0.0.Alpha8 and have a custom main() that adds a driver or datasource, pay close attention!

Previously our examples were calling driverDatasourceClassName() to set the class name on the JDBC Driver object of the DatasourcesFraction. This was done in error, and now causes an issue because IronJacamar, in WildFly, is now correctly setting the datasource class name where as it was not previously.

When setting a JBDS Driver class, now use driverClassName() instead of driverDatasourceClassName().


Release notes for 1.0.0.Alpha8 are available here.


As you may know, the development of WildFly Swarm is supported by Red Hat. Ken Finnigan has joined the project as co-lead, and Heiko Braun has moved over from WildFly proper to help us bridge the gaps.

Welcome aboard!


Per usual, we tend to hang out on in #wildfly-swarm.

We’ve moved all bug and feature-tracking to JIRA.

Documentation for this release is available.

Thank you, Contributors!

We appreciate all of our contributors since the last release:


  • Ben Browning

  • Bob McWhirter

  • George Gastaldi

  • Heiko Braun

  • Helio Frota

  • James Perkins

  • John Hovell

  • Ken Finnigan

  • Lance Ball

  • Mark Little

  • Toby Crawley


  • Ben Browning

  • Bob McWhirter

  • Heiko Braun

  • Ken Finnigan

  • Lance Ball

  • Mark Little

  • Toby Crawley


  • Ben Browning

  • Bob McWhirter

  • Toby Crawley

  • William Antônio Siqueira

Random other Thanks

  • Bruno Georges (Boss, Presentations)